In her eulogy to Steve Jobs his sister writes, None of us knows for certain how long we’ll be here…We all — in the end — die in medias res. In the middle of a story. She concludes her eulogy with his last words.

Her beautiful tribute nudged me into wondering what my own last words might be. For now I conclude that when my time comes, I don’t want that last breath to bear the burden of an important message. Who knows what capacity any of us will have in that moment?

Why wait for that instant whose timing is unknown? If you could, what would you want to say?

While far from adequate if they were to be my last, these words to my loved ones would suffice for now:

Thank you for our dance. Thank you for the blessings of your companionship, your laughter and your music. Thank you for the abundance you have brought to my living. For the times I have hurt you, I ask forgiveness. Hold in memory the best in me, as I carry with me the best in you. May your days be mindful, loving and filled with joy.  I love you.