No! This post is not about managing financial resources.  It’s about cultivating the qualities that inspire you on your life’s path. 

We live on a hillside, so any travel coming or going requires ascending slopes. The shortest is a half-mile. The longest is more than twice that.  In addition to length, the slopes vary in gradient, a fact that immediately becomes apparent when walking them! 

During the recent heat wave, I set out for an early morning walk. Hot and tired as I labored up one half-mile stretch near the end, a voice asked me, why are you doing this? Fortunately, my mind found enough oxygen to deliver an answer. 

As I have written in posts over the years, we only control two things in life – our attitude and our effort. Rather than dwell on my fatigue and the distance remaining to reach the crest of the hill, a rationale came to mind that bolstered my attitude: your effort is an investment in your future; you are tending your physical health, and you are following your vocation to explore meaning in life’s terrain and share its lessons with others.

The effort in this example involves setting an intention to cultivate physical health, breaking its attainment into manageable pieces, and following through by walking those steps. The attitude includes reminding myself that if I take one step at a time with the expectation that that there are lessons to learn, I can do this.  

As you consider your own path, what goals do you currently have that are worthy of your effort? What intentions might you adopt today? Then ask yourself, what manageable steps can I take each day to move up the hills in my life to achieve those desired outcomes?