In a reading from Pocketful of Miracles Joan Borysenko reminds us that grace is a gift.  It is independent of our good works or our failings.  She goes on to cite the words of a Hindu master: the winds of grace are blowing all the time – we just need to raise our sails.

Graceful living combines awareness, intention and action. Awareness is being mindful of what is going on around us and what our bodies are telling us.  Anyone who has sailed knows the importance of being attentive to the presence, force and direction of the wind.

Intention is setting the destination.  It may be to complete a project due at the end of the week.  It may be to embark on a journey of many months or even the rest of our life.

However, unless we take action, unless we raise our sails, we will not harness the winds of grace. Stuck in our doldrums we will miss the gifts the universe offers us.

What does it mean for you to raise your sails today?