Welcome. My name is Bob MacArthur. I am living a life of abundance and joy and wish the same for all beings.

I am exploring ideas and resources related to spirituality, energy, consciousness, personal transformation, leadership, aging and the roles of men and elders. My intention is to create posts that are brief (under 300 words) and evocative. If a thought resonates with you, I hope you will share your comments, experiences and perspectives.

In my day job I coach individuals, teams and organizations to live their truth, lead with clarity and make a positive difference in their circles of influence.  Most of my work is with executives and boards of nonprofits, educational leaders, small business owners and individuals going through major transitions in life and work.  To learn more, go to

When I am not coaching, I enjoy time with family and friends, playing guitar, keeping fit, splitting wood for our stoves, turning an occasional bowl and watching the visits of untamed animals on our hillside who remind me that the land we share is home for all of us.