Welcome to Sacred Lead.  The two words give you a clue where we’re headed.  Something sacred is set apart with special meaning.  It could be religious, spiritual or metaphysical.  It could be simply what we value most.  It is worthy of our deepest respect.

Lead has several meanings.  I have been in leadership roles all my life, but the idea for this blog began with my introduction to equine work.  The “rope” connecting a human and a horse is called a lead.  For me it represents a sacred link that aligns two beings in mutual trust and respect.

In the broader sense, to lead means to have a vision and inspire others to move toward its fruition.  As an executive coach I work with many leaders who are intent upon transforming the lives of their clients, their colleagues and themselves.

Going forward we’ll explore a variety of topics related to inspiration, spirituality, leadership and service.  What are some of the topics you would like to read about or discuss?