Like many people I have been deeply troubled in the past several months by the behavior of politicians in this country and the entourage of special interests that feed them.   If not lost already, we seem to be losing our way as human beings, citizens and leaders.  If this is the model of our democracy, we should not be surprised that others turn away.

During this time I have read Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  In the book Dan’s mentor asks two questions.   What time is it? and Where are we?   He accepts only two answers as correct —  Now and Here.

Warrior energy is often associated with fighting and violence.  Examples abound, from the literal warfare being waged around the globe today to the virulent polarization between political, religious, economic and cultural camps.

Fortunately, the warrior archetype also includes qualities that may be harnessed for peace — showing up, being aware and taking compassionate action.  Peace begins here and now within each of us, as we commit to being mindful in the moment, clear in establishing the yes and no boundaries of what we will tolerate, courageous in acting and loving in the way we conduct ourselves.

In her book The Four Fold Way Angeles Arrien identifies three kinds of power — the power of position, the power of communication and the power of presence.   The archetype of the Warrior requires us to use power in an enlightened way that incorporates integrity, alignment of speech and action, honor and respect and serves humanity fairly and justly. 

Arrien leans to the power of presence, which draws on our spiritual wellsprings within.  It is the energy of the peaceful warrior.  It is the place where each of us can begin.  Empowering ourselves now and here may just inspire others to do the same.