Today, January 6th, many people observe Epiphany. Like the holy days of every faith it marks a significant event in the tradition of believers. Captured in the story of wise men following a star to a child in Bethlehem, Epiphany celebrates the revelation of Christianity to people outside its source in Judaism.

Whatever the milestones of age, relationships or religion, anniversaries invite us to pause, affirm, regain perspective and recommit ourselves to the journey.

Many years ago on this day I was ordained to the Christian ministry. I was following my star. As I had anticipated, it led me to accompany others through realms of deepest joy and darkest loss. Subsequently, it took me places I could not imagine at the time — out of parish work into farming in rural Appalachia; adventuring through Outward Bound; teaching in the backcountry and in the classroom; working with children at summer camps and in urban schools through AmeriCorps; leading a nonprofit organization, coaching people through transitions in life and work and supporting those who harness the power of horses to heal.

At this stage of life the star continues to beckon, but now it is leading me to let go of much I once relied upon to define myself. Its arc shines not on past successes or failures but on mindfulness in the moment. Its grace is the offer of an inner peace without fear of either the present or the future. My response is no more and no less a task than to accept, receive and embrace the gift. That is my anniversary commitment.

What star do you follow? What surprises has it revealed? What commitment will you make for the next leg of your journey?