Have you ever looked back to identify key inflection points in your life and then wondered where you’d be today, if only your path had unfolded differently? Those of us in life’s later decades are more prone to such ruminations, as we cull our history and downsize our footprint. Nonetheless, I dare say that, whatever our age, most of us revisit turning points in our past.

For some of us those critical events were imposed upon us without our invitation or permission. I think of serious illnesses, disabilities, abuse, natural disasters. In addition, on occasion most of us wonder what our answers would be if only we had chosen a different history related to vocation, location, primary relationships or other options in our purview. What all of us experience, at least on this plane, is that there are few opportunities to redo those critical circumstances or decisions and their consequences.

Today’s post is intended not to second guess or replay the past with the hope of a different outcome, but rather to heed the forward pull of if only. What lies ahead for each of us? What decisions can we make now to align our move into the future in ways that are congruent with our core values and aspirations?

What one step is blocking you most in creating the life ahead of you? If only you identify that single action and, reassured by the perspectives the past has given you, take it, you will move into the promise of your life’s next creation.

Holding myself accountable as well, if only I take the risk of writing and sharing these lines, vulnerable for all their inadequacies, perhaps you will feel nudged to take the first next step in creating your future history.