One of the lessons I have learned from coaching is how many of us undervalue our talents.  There may be many reasons from the past why this is so…parents who compared us unfavorably to siblings, teachers who didn’t expect more from us, peers who built themselves up by tearing us down.

Regardless of the source, however, it is up to each of us whether or not to accept these diminishing messages.  We can choose to hide our gifts under a bushel, or we can acknowledge them, bring them to the light and offer them to a world that has been waiting for them.

Here is a personal example.  I offer it to remind myself and my clients that each of us probably ends up teaching the things we most need to learn.  In my current life I am apt to devalue my music.  My stories go like this.  “My repertoire is too narrow and out of date.  I haven’t yet learned how to play a solo when we’re jamming and therefore don’t have much to contribute.  My voice is not in range. etc.”  In reality many people probably enjoy my music because they see, hear and appreciate my intention to share, express myself and play.

My friend and colleague, Melisa Pearce, produced a card deck based on the wisdom of the horses with whom she partners in her healing work.   (See   The card I drew today was Grace.  May these words remind each of us to honor our gifts and step into the fullness of their power.

…many natural gifts have been bestowed upon you.  Now is the time to heighten your awareness of all the ways grace shows itself in you and your life.  Note that some are small distinctions, while others show up as talents beyond measure.  Your grace is uniquely your own.   Additional aspects of your personal grace remain unknown to you at this time.  Now is the moment to explore and discover more of them. 

Today is your perfect time to honor all with which you are naturally blessed and to stand in gratitude for it.  Appreciate grace.