The June issue of Ode magazine has an interview with Deepak Chopra on his latest book, The Soul of Leadership.   Several insights jumped off the page.   Here are three for your reflection.

  1. The link between spirituality and leadership is palpable.  “A great leader is an agent of change who has clarity of vision and knows how to make that vision a reality.   Such a person comes from a level of core consciousness, which is what we call soul.”
  2. Each of us can become a leader if we choose.  Our leadership can affect many people or those who fall within our immediate circles of influence.
  3. In addition to being grounded in soul, the key to effective leadership lies in “building careful, caring, compassionate relationships…people want their leaders to offer them hope, trust and stability but also to maximize their own strengths.”

For those of us who are interested in results, Chopra cites studies of worker engagement. 

Data shows that disengaged workers in the U.S. cost about $380 billion a year.  If you and your colleagues ignore someone, that person’s disengagement goes up to about 45 percent.   If you don’t ignore them but criticize them, it falls to 20 percent because people would rather be criticized than ignored.

If you notice their strengths and put them in the right place where they can use their strengths, disengagement falls to less than 1 percent.  So the bottom line is totally dependent on how engaged people are.

A couple of next steps for all of us might be to ask ourselves:  What am I doing to nurture my soul?  Am I leading from my soul?   How well am I engaging those I care most about and those with whom I work?