I just returned from another wonderful workshop with students in the Touched By A Horse certification program.  The weather blessed us with the light and warmth of Colorado in late spring.  There was also much joy as we celebrated the graduation of five members of our human herd.

In contrast, while I was filled with admiration for the work that individuals did with their equine partners, I departed with a shadow brooding on my shoulder.  Why do so many of us hide our talents?  What are the fears that keep us from moving forward?  As a coach, how can I help others move beyond their fears into the fullness of their gifts?

If we are honest with ourselves, each of us can acknowledge that when we turn over the boulders that block us, we find our fears lurking beneath.  None of us is immune.  So, how do we let the sunlight shine on our dark places in order to shrivel our fears?

One small place to begin is to find some sources of inspiration in poetry, prose or pictures and for a few moments each day open ourselves to messages from the universe.  Do you know the 14th century prophet and poet, Hafiz?  If not find The Gift translated by Daniel Ladinsky.  Among other things his playfulness and outrageous humor poke holes in our pretensions and discouragement in order to let the divine spirit enter.

For starters here are some verses from Hafiz to my friends whose fears are keeping them from stepping fully into their light.

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.  I would like to see you living in better conditions, for your mother and my mother were friends.  I know the Innkeeper in this part of the universe.  Get some rest tonight, come to my verse again tomorrow.  We’ll go speak to the Friend together…

God wants to see more love and playfulness in your eyes for that is your greatest witness to Him.  Your soul and my soul once sat together in the Beloved’s womb playing footsie.  Your heart and my heart are very, very old Friends.