I just received a beautiful message from my friend, Anne Hillman, and was moved to share it with you.  Anne is the author of Awakening the Energies of Love and The Dancing Animal Woman.   To learn more about her work and her upcoming Living a Surrendered Life Retreats, go to www.annehillman.net.   Thanks, Anne, for this gift.

I tend to think that new life emerges from seeds and forget a far more ancient truth.  Today, I find myself celebrating the way it can also arise from the very old–like the tiny seedlings sprouted from the living root of a giant redwood tree.   This new life simply claims the giant’s root as its own, surrenders to its impetus, and grows toward the light.

How do we cooperate with life’s gradual shaping of the human mind – its painstaking work of drawing us towards the light of greater awareness?  As I see it, the action required is to trust the great root on which we stand – and learn to surrender.   Some see surrender as defeat, a capitulation to an outer force, but it is really an inner relaxation – into the root. 

What does this use of the word ‘root’ mean to you?  That matters.   For when you know what you rest on and can relax into it, your heart opens to life’s secret – its creative impetus conveyed beneath thought: a feeling, an intuition, an image, or a confirming synchronicity.

Subtle clues like these remind us that there is infinitely more to life – a reality we barely notice but that the body knows intimately – a wisdom built into the great root on which we live.  When we remain exquisitely attuned to life’s presence in this way, it will often surprise us; nudge us to be more authentic, to improvise, to move in a new direction.  Its whispered hints may feel absurd, even impossible.  But if you dare to follow them, you will be adding more light to life’s deep need for it at this time.